The mold that never fit.

I've been writhing within a perceived mold that has dictated who I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to do.

With great angst, I've been trying to force myself to be content within this mold; cringing, scrunching, bending, and aching to make it work.

Ostracized and discouraged, I've yet to make myself fit.

Recently, it occurred to me that this mold is a prefabricated cast meant to fit a manufactured shape, housing a conforming and unquestioning mind. A mind unlike mine, and a body that sits still for hours on end.

Consistently, however, my thoughts float with the clouds, making stories out of the nothing air, giving purpose to the howling wind. My feet and fingers tap rhythms to songs that don't exist. Stories and songs collide, and their vibrations rattle this mold.

One of the most freeing moments in my life was the day I gave up the fight.

No longer writhing within the frame that held me in unnatural shape, I've stepped aside and let it fall.

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