Glass walls make for terrible doorways

The windows had clearly been washed recently. Clearly. I sat and watched from one side of the glass as the blustered world bumbled by on the other. The room was air-conditioned and quiet. A refuge from the noise on N. Milwaukee Ave.

On the opposite side of the street, I spotted a man wearing a bowler cap, determined in his steps, quickly crossing over. He was nearly hit by a cyclist as he flustered over potholes and puddles that had gathered during an afternoon downpour.

Perched in ideal people-watching position, I observed.

It soon became apparent that this man’s hurried steps were bringing him to the same place I was sitting. It felt inappropriate to continue watching him, knowing that he’d soon be among my ranks, so I looked elsewhere and found parking ticket cops to follow with my eyes.

With every new ticket signed and placed under the wiper blade I said, “sucks to be you,” until my lack of empathy was interrupted by a loud thud and a hilarious visual.

The transparent wall that had been my looking glass now became the hurried man’s embarrassment.

His nose was leading the march and it was first to make contact with the vitreous blockade. He didn’t even get his hands up.

I tried to look away before he knew that I saw, but we caught eyes and it was too late.

He shook it off and walked on as if nothing had happened. But something happened alright.

Today we were reminded that glass walls make for terrible doorways.

...ramble on...


  1. Hahaha. That's ok, somewhere, God will open a window for him.
    What, in your opinion, would have been the best way to react to that situation?

  2. Well, he kept carrying on as if nothing happened, so I gave him a smile and a nod and then acted like he'd actually just walked through a door. Awkward to the max.

  3. I mean what would you have done if you were the walker? What is the best way to conduct oneself in the midst of total embarrassment? I guess I would hope I could just double over laughing at my own folly...but I would probably try to pretend it didn't happen as well. "No one saw, just keep moving, just keep moving!" haha.