Founding a school

Chicago is great city for inspiration.
Last Sunday, ten people from all over the world met in Chicago to begin the first year of a new type of higher education based on real-world experiences and apprenticeships. Seven of these ten had never met before, but, in less than a week, we have encouraged one another’s dreams, brainstormed, cried together, done improv, designed a bag, met tons of new people, researched, shared many meals, explored the city, told our stories many times and in many ways, and danced like fools.

This “meet-up” is the first of three that will take place over the course of the year as we'll be venturing out to various parts of the world to begin learning by doing. If this week is any indication of what the year ahead will be like, and I’m certain it is, then it’s going to be life-altering and transformative in ways that none of us could’ve anticipated.

To keep up with this year, get to know the others, hear more about what I’m learning, and see photos of the happenings, then please fill out the form on the CONTACT page. All updates will be sent in a newsletter format to your email from now on (mailing address is optional, but, if included, it may result in the receipt of awesome postcards). Consider the blurbs posted on this blog to be nothing more than an appetizer, and the newsletter will include the main course and dessert….I’m hungry.

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