Pause this life

Pause the life that I mistake for all there is.

Now see air visible like diamonds, and faces glowing, and words flowing like melodies that birds take whistling down the streets while riding wave-like wind that doesn’t push or blow, but gently scoops and elevates them to their tree-like homes. 

And, though everything seems more real, everything also seems too good to be true. 

Imagination replaces rationale, and logic is overthrown by abstract, but logic doesn’t complain or fight back.

It surrenders and laughs. 

A reflective joy sparks in my eyes--almost like tears and gladness welling up simultaneously. 

Eyes staring out upon the unending blue ocean as the sun is setting on the West Coast; windblown and grateful; needing to close, but wanting to still see. 

It’s these visits into unreality that pour fresh water into a dry soul like my soul. 

Fill me up and remind me of where I could belong if I stopped looking for beauty in the nostalgia of what’s already moved on, or the unpredictable promise of a life that waits around the next corner. 

Fill me with presence in the only place I can ever fully know; this place that is happening right now; this place that seems too good to be true, but is the only thing that truly exists.

...ramble on...

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