Educational Nomadism w/Ei

In early September, I will fly to Chicago to join the founding class of a brand new school called Experience Institute (Ei), whose revolutionary approach to higher education is providing me with a year's worth of internships.  

I encourage you to visit Ei’s website to more fully understand their mission. In brief, they hope to provide affordable and experiential higher education for learners desiring to improve upon a variety of skill sets while simultaneously widening their students’ professional networks in fields relating to business, design, technology, and social innovation.  

With the help of Ei, I’ll complete three different three-month paid internships over the course of the year. 

After investigating various traditional grad school programs, and weighing the pros and cons of what they offer its students, I decided to take a chance on submitting an application to Ei (read more about that thought process in something I wrote HERE). I wasn’t incredibly hopeful that I’d be accepted because they were only admitting 10 students to join their founding class, but, amazingly, I was accepted. 

I feel blessed with this gift-like year to commit to improving my writing, learn from founders of companies I admire and respect, and collaborate with people who are inspired to make the world better through business, creative design, and innovative ideas put into action.

As I pack my room into boxes once more, I reflect on where God has led me this last year (New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, and Meadow Vista, California) and where He desires to take me in the year to come. I’m grateful for your influence and encouragement in my life, and can’t wait to share what’s next with you.

...ramble on...

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