You, thinker, be gone.

It's been awhile since I've posted any poetry, but it has been a helpful way for me to navigate a lot of what I've been processing these last few days in regards to some "big" life choices I've got to make very soon. May it inspire you toward bravery and courage sourced from the deepest place of peace and being.

Who are you thinker that steals away my thoughts?
You are a bomb filled with words, exploding doubts.
A robber invading the innocent place where dreams and matter collide.
A bully pulling rugs from beneath the shaking courageous ones that hope bigger than you.
What’s the best you’ve got to offer?
I hear your 'sound judgment.'
It sounds like judgment.
You received sentences and your storyline followed.
A memoir of settling; a logical conclusion.
Did you see the flickering spark here?
It illuminated shadows before you exhaled your fears.
Words you dress up and jump inside.
Clothes that give you identity.
Identity defining life.
Life barely lived.

I seek more fuel, hidden from your sight.
Warmth exists outside the cold world I used to control.
Out of control, but alive.
More here than ever before.
I glow fiery, sending sparks up to the roof of the universe.
Your cold wet coat makes steam.
Evaporate away.
You, thinker, be gone.

...ramble on...

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