The Language Psyche Game

Let's play a game with language and the psyche!

I'll pose a declamatory statement. You, nor I, have the privilege of understanding how these conclusions/statements were drawn. You'll be given a thought summarized into one simple sentence. 

The contents (i.e. the nurture and the nature behind each statement) that were key ingredients to these statements' formation are hidden from you, but don't get hung up on that because the contents aren't entirely important. 

What's important is that you now disagree, agree, challenge, critique and/or tweak my conclusions. 

Without the bias of the backdrop (the nurture and the nature that birthed these statements), I hope you'll better see the real picture of the conclusions, assumptions and notions that we all possess, and live out of, every day of our lives. 

Contextualize these statements within your own personal schema and regurgitate their meanings to me. 

Smart asses are the most welcome to play!  

Today's Statement:

You deserve what you've allowed. 

Respond to this statement by commenting in the field provided below, or, if you've arrived via Facebook, simply comment in the normal comment box on there. 

Thanks for playing.

...ramble on...


  1. you deserve smart ass comments because you allowed them. :)

    1. Haha. This is true. Thanks for breaking the ice cold surface of this commenting stream.

  2. 1)The harder I work the luckier is get. 2)We control our own destiny to the extent God allows. 3)Our environment(mental & physical) influences the results of our lifes experiences. Choose your environment carefully.