A Tempestuously Zealous Rant

This man is going to burn his house down. This man is going to throw his possessions in the fire. This man is going to get rid of everything so that this man can go higher. 
This man wants to bury the long-gone dead. This man wants to resurrect real life. This man wants to pull off all disguise. This man wants to trade in compromise. 
This man wants to be free to live an actual life. This man wants to stop thinking all the time. 
This man will trade in dreaming for living. This man will start walking a new path today. This man will believe that he's forgiven. This man won't keep favor at bay. 
This man will smell rain and smoke. This man will watch ashes turn to mud. This man will dance on old broken floors. This man won't shy away from love. 
This man will hear symphonies in swaying trees. This man will write eulogies for fallen leaves. This man will plant and grow. This man will live first then know. 
This man will shake up the common things. This man will make locks for stolen keys. This man will unmake everything. 
This man will mock monotony with a better way that this man lives, with the kind of hope that this man emits, with a type of joy that he can't keep in, with a solid truth that outlasts trends, with more than proof because proof only proves what we want to exist, with a real great story that doesn't end when this man dies and his life suspends. This man will live. This man will live.    

...ramble on...

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