Language and Psyche Game #2

I started a new series/game of posts focused on interpreting, discussing, challenging and disagreeing with context-less statements last week. You can view that full post and the description behind this game by clicking here.

It's pretty basic. I post a statement and then you react to it, disagree with it, provide further insight, blah blah blah.

Today's Statement:

All men are created equal, but our choices separate us. 

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Thanks for playing.

...ramble on...


  1. From a material and socioeconomic standpoint, the choices of those that came before us inhibit the chance that all men are created equal. From a spiritual and cognitive standpoint, yes, in sense, all men are created equal and given the opportunity, some will seize upon the thoughts, impulses and ideas that will enhance their lives, while others will only seek that which is detrimental to their mind and soul.

  2. In other words, all men are created equal in a spiritual/cognitive/hypothetical kind of way--in that they can greatly influence the course of their lives for better or worse, depending on the choices they make--but that in a physical/materialistic/lot-in-life kind of way they can either be put at an advantage or disadvantage to make good of their lives dependent on what they are born into? I agree with you if that's what you are saying. In that case, the quote might more accurately read: "All men have the ability to attain, or surpass, an equal playing field, but the choices they make will determine that." What are your thoughts on that revision?

  3. This is what I am saying and I agree with your revised statement. But the question that lingers in my mind is what is equality? Is it financially, spiritually or physically based? Or a combination? Or based on something completely different? Our views of an equal playing field may differ from another culture, therefor leaving the concept of equality as an ideology and not a realistic concept of a globally accepted expectation.

  4. Dang good question. So is equality relative to one's personal perspective? I believe that spiritually we all have equality through Christ, but when it comes to financial opportunities and/or physical abilities/limitations/place in the world we're obviously all at different places. We're born into different opportunities for success dependent on factors that we can't control. Equality is subjective, but still people claim to be placed at certain disadvantages to others. Are their complaints unfounded? Or are they mistaking an idea of equality for an actual encounter with injustice?

  5. I would definitely agree that views on equality are subjective to each and every individual and that complaints are also subjective to the ears they fall upon, some will agree while others turn away. I would tend to think that most people’s views on equality would be based on social and materialistic evidence. The problem is, in striving to make the appropriate choices to that allow them to be viewed as an equal by their peers on a social and materialistic level, many will tend to overlook the area that should matter most, a spiritual level. Because in all actuality, we are all on the same level in the eyes of Christ, each and every one of us perfect in his eyes, loved and adored. Through Christ, we find equality, and in so, a brotherhood and sisterhood with others that brings us together; a brotherhood and sisterhood with people that when viewed in the world’s eyes, we would be far from equals.

  6. This statement is proven at birth and death.