Don't misuse the word "epic"

Yesterday's word was "epic." I feel like with all fashions and fads that words, not just clothing, have their time in the spotlight before becoming lame and outdated. Though the word "epic" is a perfect word for many situations its overuse has caused me to critically assess its appropriateness every time I hear it.

When standing on top of a mountain and gazing out over a vast valley below I believe it fitting to mutter under your breath in awestruck wonder the word, "epic."

But when I hear people take a bite of some tasty food and say, "mmmm, epic." I get a little upset. Don't belittle the word like that!

That's where we've arrived today though, epic's meaning has been stretched too thin and applied as a description to too many contrasting things that it has started to mean nothing, like a tea bag that's been steeped too many times.

I started this rant because I would describe my day yesterday as epic; in the way that standing on a mountain-top is epic.

My friend and I went and watched the US Men's soccer team get beat by Costa Rica at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. The fact that my boys lost wasn't cool, but just being in that arena and yelling at the ref and screaming when the players were acting injured, but miraculously jumped up when the call didn't go their way, was...epic.

The day became more epic when we met up with friends after the game and headed into downtown Los Angeles for a party in some soundstage warehouse. We cruised into an area mostly lined with industrial buildings and not much else. We parked our car and joined a lively group of youngsters in an old loading area in front of big slide-up garage-type doors. The upper part of the building was a loft where a few people shared the space for living. There was a nice little kitchen/dining area downstairs and the other side of the massive building was devoted to film, photography, green screens and a sound workshop.

A DJ had music filling the high-ceilinged space as people meandered in and out of the building and into the parking area. It felt like industry was being reclaimed in the name of merriment. I was happy to be a part of it.

At one point during the night, a few people brought a claw-footed bath tub out into the photography area of the space and set it up in front of the green screen. Myself and a few others jumped in the tub and (clothes on, the tub wasn't filled with water) had our picture taken. It was hilarious and awkward. At some point soon I hope to share those pictures with you.

So I feel justified in saying that my day yesterday was epic. Eating a piece of really awesome toast isn't epic.

Now what are some other words that need to be reclaimed and re-appropriated? I'm off to save our language!

...ramble on...

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