Do what you love

Do what you love and you'll probably do it well. However, most of us don't do what we love, or only do things that we love on too rare of an occasion. We neglect our loves and pay most attention to societal obligations, relational expectations and/or recovery from poor decisions made from places of uncertainty.

I think it's most important to learn to know what you love. It's scary that most people aren't really too sure about that. Do you know what you love? I'm thinking as well...

It's simple to do things that you don't love. You probably know a lot of people that complain everyday about the unhappy realities of their day-to-day lives, but if you ask them what they're really passionate about doing--in effect asking them what they'd rather be doing if they weren't doing what they're currently complaining about having to do-- most of them come up with nothing. Empty. No reply. Pondering stares.

Having a passionate, purpose-infused love to keep you motivated to remain upbeat while enduring the humdrum of the day-to-day chores of living are vital to our humanity. I said vital as in: being necessary for the continuance, existence and well-being of your being human.

If you're hitting the humdrum without any love to provide perspective to the story surrounding your effort then you're likely quite unremarkable, blasé, and in our capitalist-driven world; dispensable.

You're likely not firing on all cylinders. It's not that you're a bad person, or subhuman, or even being unproductive. On the contrary, you're probably very subservient, well-mannered and compliant, but not as lively as you could be.

I've been there. Maybe I'm there right now. I'll get better. I won't be here forever.

I really do believe that if you know what you love to do then you will do it, and you'll likely do it well. You'll do it with a lot of liveliness and enthusiasm.

I want to fire on all cylinders, smash a hole in the humdrum, feel vital and love what I'm doing with my time here on earth.

...ramble on...

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  1. Well said, Dane Johnson! What you love is what you do right here with this ramble on thing...well. at least I think it's one of the things you love...I feel connected to you when I read your stuff, it resonates within me, sometimes puts things into perspective, and causes me to think...all good stuff.

    Patti L.