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I have a lot of stuff. I own this stuff, and I've been challenged lately to get rid of it.

At one point in my life I decided that I needed to buy or acquire a new pair of shoes, a new hat, soccer jerseys from all over the world, African hand drums, etc. My room is full of these things that I do not need anymore. Maybe I never needed them, I mean, considering that I only have two hands, how many hand drums does one man need? A question that will undoubtedly keep you from a good night's sleep. I apologize.

I know that you probably have a lot of stuff too. You probably have stuff that you don't ever use. You probably have a garage full of boxes that are full of things that you haven't looked at in years. You probably don't need that stuff. You'll probably never need most of the stuff that you own.

Naturally, this leads me to a very simple question: why do I keep stuff that I don't need?

You may be familiar with the reality show "Hoarders: Buried Alive" which highlights the ridiculous tendencies of obsessive, crazy people. Those people have real issues that are manifesting themselves through hoarding, controlling, compiling, ordering, organizing and possessing things, stuff...junk.

I really do believe that the best things in life are absolutely free. I also really do believe that the best kind of life is one that is marked by a freedom from the allure of things.

Things are just things. We attach value to them based on what we perceive them to be worth.

Another place to decide how much something is worth is on Ebay. Let the world of internet bidding determine the monetary value of the crap that's hogging space on your shelves.

Ebay and I are like best friends right now. I hear there are some sweet new hand drums that just go posted. Go bid your heart out.

...ramble on...

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  1. HAHAHA :) oh yea. Let this revelation of 'things' be contageous! Welcome to the other side Dane where life gets more free the less you have! Thank you Jesus!