Challenge the Resistance

I've been reading a lot of books lately about challenging the resistance that exists to halt any progress in one's creative, entrepreneurial and/or artistic pursuits (The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, Linchpin by Seth Godin, etc.).

This resistance has been more prevalent than ever before because I've finally learned to recognize its many sneaky disguises, which, once exposed, aren't that sneaky after all--it comes in the form of television, procrastination, organizing things that don't need to be organized, and thinking thoughts that aren't worth thinking about.

Your resistance may take different forms, but we've all got them. They show up when you're on the brink of doing hard work that's worth doing. It wants to stop us from answering our life's calling.

My work is the art that I want to give the world--it's my music, my writing, my lyrics and God knows what else may come if I put the resistance in its place. This resistance wants to stop me from doing anything, well, anything that will lead to my accomplishing my work. I can't wait, stall, or postpone my life's work anymore. I don't even know how much time I've got in this life, so I better get at it.

Even though I'm enthused to start cracking the whip and putting a dent in some of my projects, the habits I've formed by not properly challenging the resistance in the past has forced me to confront these barriers now. Just getting to the work I want to accomplish requires work.

Line up the resistance in its many clever forms and I'll battle it to the death!

Of course, this battle is happening inside of my own head. All-out war is being waged against the enemy of my work and my art, which is ultimately the only gift I have to give the world.

I'm ready to unleash hell on the resistance by completely disregarding its influence over my life. I will not let it stop me from getting to work anymore. Life's too short and I've got a job do.

...ramble on...

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