72-oz steak challenges and Chuck Norris

I'm heading to the land of 72-0z steak challenges and Walker Texas Ranger. Lord willing, I'll be able to show both a piece of my mind.

Grayson Kessenich, a fantastic singer-songwriter that I've had the privilege to play music with, has asked me to join him for the next 10 days as he plays shows throughout the state of Texas. Little does he know that I am not joking around when I talk about undertaking and dominating the 72-oz steak challenge, nor is he aware that if I see Chuck Norris on the street I will personally greet his chin (which is actually a fist concealed in hair) with a wild banshee punch. He'll be so caught off guard that we'll both scream.

In all seriousness, when not eating gigantic portions of food, I'll be accompanying Grayson's tunes with some mild percussion played on my trusty cajon at various concert venues and churches.

While we don't intend on messing with Texas, I'd like to say that if Texas messes with me then I can't be held responsible for my reciprocal actions.

This is a goodwill mission. I come to play music, eat great food and congratulate the Mavericks on being champions. However, if I see Chuck Norris I can't guarantee that WWIII won't happen.

...ramble on...

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