Life, being beautiful and all...

Often we forget what we are, and who we're with, where we've been and what's ahead.
Busy things, monotony and long-lost dreams cloud clarity that's oh so vital for remaining vital.
We hang our heads, avert our eyes from contact with the world outside.
We numb ourselves by watching shows that show us what it could be like to live with slightly more bravery.
We leave living for the daring as hopes are slowly buried by procrastination and compromise.
Thinking around in circles, not knowing where it's going, can't ask for directions to a place you've never been.
When you've almost nearly lost it, truth has all but walked out, remember what you're so foolish to forget:

You are human.

You are not alone.

You've been tipped off to hope for something.

Something inside you hopes for a living, breathing purpose pursued with passion, bravery and love.

Before you forget again, and maybe you've never been told, remember what is true even when it doesn't show.
Remember to sing back the times when you had a better view.

Remember that life is beautiful

life is beautiful

life is beautiful

And now a song to reiterate this little rant of mine.

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  1. I needed to read that today, there couldn't have been a better day to read that as a matter of fact. Thanks for sharing.