Friends, Family and Flight Attendants

It's important to have friends, family and flight attendants around when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the world and its weighty requirements. These people walk into the dark room of your mind and say, "Oh c'mon Mr. Sleepyhead, let's get out of bed and enjoy this beautiful day!" They swoosh open a curtain and you're blinded by a light that you never even knew existed, as it persistently blazes the color out of that hideous fabric.

Light exists, day is bright, alive and ripe like an apple in autumn.

Friends are important because they are good at hitting you up-side the head when you're acting like a fool (with your pants on the ground). They laugh at your compulsions and offer the most obvious, sobering advice that will make you want to kick your own ass into shape. The simple, subtle, enlightening words from a friend can turn a turd of a situation into a chocolate cake of excitement. Oh boy, I'm hungry.

Family is essential because they know how messed up you really are, and yet they stick around--sometimes by law, but hey!

Flight attendants are, most often, a breath of fresh air. They are paid to be nice to you, so in a sense they stick around like family, sure being stuck thousands of feet in the sky with nowhere to go helps, but all in all they're nice people. Oh peanuts, I'm hungry.

Perspective is everything, and sometimes when I'm stuck in the depths of my depravity I forget to get a second opinion on the state of the world as I see it. If it weren't for other loving people's perspective shared into my life, I'd be a mess--peeing in the sink and washing my face in the toilet, or was that a bidet? Oh those French, I'm so hungry!


  1. ...if you're still hungry after work I'm making dinner. Love, Your Sister

  2. I needed to read this:) Thank you!