Dangers of Blogging

Type a popular news headline into Google and you'll have returned to you loads of sites competing for your eyes. While this variety is nice, it's also overwhelming. The internet is flooded with blogs, opinion pages and corresponding comments attached like ignorant leeches to every article. It's difficult to know what to read and discern what is, and isn't, credible or accurate.

There are plenty of arguments that could defend the value of having such an array of editorial selection. You get more sides to a story, expose yourself to local, national and international perspectives, and can pick a "comment fight" with someone you'll never have to face.

The downside to public accessibility to a site like this one (blogger), is that there are so many amateur, uneducated and uninformed individuals, myself included, who post their blogs without giving readers any factual meat or potatoes.

Most of the content posted is recycled from more credible sites and tainted with the bias of the one doing the posting.

It's tempting to do this. I run the risk of being called a hypocrite just by saying these things, due to the fact that this posting is, more or less, void of factual content.

Here's my blogging challenge to all of you who cruise around from site to site skim-reading articles and act like experts on a number of topics; be original.

Write with originality, insult with originality and post something original.

Too much of the time we merely mimic what we've already heard somewhere else and then claim it as our own idea. We keep proving that "there's nothing new under the sun."

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