Baby steps to an exotic destination

I went to the River Cats game this evening. I didn't pay for a ticket, I didn't pay for parking and I didn't pay for the food I ate at in the stadium.

I strolled up to the box office and said, "Hello, my name is Dane Johnson and I'm with Sacramento Press."

Within minutes I was escorted to a press box, full of statisticians and writers, to a comfortable leather chair positioned in such a way that I had a perfect view of the entire field from behind home plate.

I never thought in a million years that I'd be given a priority seat, out of 14,000+ seats, as a result of my desire to write. What an amazing turn my life has taken lately.

I could get very used to writing for a living.

Next step: be flown to exotic destinations for pampering and five-star treatment to write reviews for a travel magazine.

First, I need to write my article for the Cats game tonight.

Baby steps, Dane. Baby steps.

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