A GOOD Bar Band!

A good bar band will play songs that you know. They won’t only be songs that you know, but they will be songs that tear you up on the inside and make you want to dance like it’s 1984. A good bar band will cover “Sweet Home Alabama” so that everyone can sing along and feel included, but then they’ll make you move you’re rump to a song like “Footloose”, and if you’ve had enough to drink you’ll be belting out the “woa oh oh woa oh oh oh’s” at the top of your drunken lungs. A good bar band will keep you swaying your hips and tapping your feet even while your playing pool or punching the lights out of an arcade machine. A good bar band will make a bathroom stall singer out of you, and all the peeps will line up outside your toilet just to admire the range of your voice. That’s what a good bar band can do. I had a realization tonight at The Fox and Goose, and it was this; The Music Room is not a good bar band, and they will never even be a mediocre bar band. Most people that heard us did not move from their chairs. Nope. They simply sat and listened. I didn’t see ONE rump shake! No, not even one. What kind of band are we to play at bars, but not even want to make people be drunken idiots? I suppose that a phenomenal bar band is simply one that exploits human foolishness to an extent that would glorify sub-par musicianship and shit-for-brains lyrical content. I am angry. Why?...because I will never be a part of a good bar band. AND, because I will never be the cause of a drunk ass rump shaking.

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