Coffee Fact That You Don't Want To Know

The coffee plant naturally produces an organic pesticide to keep bugs off of itself. This same natural pesticide enters into our bloodstream when we drink that roasty percolated bean. Our body reacts to this pesticide as it would any other neurotoxin entering our system. Our body begins to fight it off, and expel it from itself. It's our body's reaction to this neurotoxin that causes us to feel more awake and alert. So essentially, when we drink coffee to wake ourselves up we are ingesting poison for our body to fight off thus causing increased energy and vibrance as a result. Being a coffee lover I still find it difficult to give up the harmful black gold, but knowing what it is doing to my body does help motivate me towards coffee sobriety. My alternative to waking up without coffee has been to set my alarm clock music to metal, placing tacks on the ground next to my bed, and/or having my roommate slap me across the face when I mumble my "good morning".

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