There's this feeling that I've had more intensely lately, but it's one that's been there forever. It's a feeling of impermanence. Everything is ephemeral and fleeting. We're just blowing through. 

I'm not dying, necessarily, and I'm not that old, but a sense of urgency and desire to live for things that won't blow away has been more pressed into my being as I've been traveling the world this last year. 

I am a soul and a body, and filled with a spirit. I'm wanting the latter bits to be those which carry me through, or anchor me to ground that won't shift, depending on what weather the world presents, or what kind of shaking the earth might need to perform. 

We're all moving places, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, but from way up high we just look like we're scurrying ants. We might build something high and grand, but it won't last forever. We build and create to suit the fashions of the day. That is, unless we don't. 

We don't have to. 

We can live for permanent things. Immutable things. God things. 

When I've gone into new cities I immediately look for the high places that overlook the bustle below. I'm present, but I'm separate from the madness of the day-to-day. This separateness provides me with an advantage of whole perspective and heightened focus.

We live for the day most of the time. And the day will not last. 

I am not going to live forever. Nor do I want to. I just want to reinforce eternal truths that flicker and surface from time to time. 

It's important to stay to the higher road for perspective's sake. Otherwise, I'm blown like the rest of them.  

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