Fears are wolves without their teeth

My band The Music Room just released a brand new EP. These are songs that I've been working on for the last few years. They've sat and stewed and absorbed flavor while time passed by. We decided to give the EP away to a nonprofit we've been partnering with called Courage Worldwide as they work to rehabilitate and provide a home for young women rescued from a life of sex trafficking.

I'd like for you to hear these songs, and I'd also like for you to purchase the EP. Some of the songs showed up on this blog years ago in the form of half thoughts and broken lyrics. Celebrate with me by listening to these songs and see how God has taken these random thoughts and words and turned them into something transferrable and audible and beautiful. My sister's lovely voice helped out a ton with all that.

Go listen to and/or purchase the EP titled Wolves Without Teeth by clicking the link below.

Thank you for supporting us as we work with Courage Worldwide to put a stop to sex trafficking in Northern California and all over the world. 

Peace and thanks,

...ramble on...

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