Play it cool and keep breathing

Perhaps I don't care too much about what happens to me. Isn't life fleeting anyways? Why work so hard to safeguard from the things we can't control? Why cower in fear from inevitable death while still living a life? 

I'm going to play it real cool. 

I can't drown in this world because it's shallow. I can't sink too deep in a place that has no depth. Maybe I'll get my feet wet, but with a little effort, and some sunbeams, they'll be dry again. I'll stay floating on top of the rising tide. My whole body will rise and fall on powerful waves that stir up the sand on the ocean floor, but look calm and easy on the glassy surface. There's air in my lungs and so I float.

What more do I need?

What use would it be to tell the waves how to move me about?

I choose to live an interesting life over a predictable one.

Seeking predictability and comfort is an insult to life itself. Life is not predictable and it is not comfortable unless something vibrant and living is sacrificed. I can't sacrifice my hopes and crazy dreams in exchange for an illusory shot at a steady life. Even those steadily living are struck down by cancer, heartache, loss, and the IRS. 

There's no shelter from storms even if you hold a real fancy umbrella. And there's no point in keeping dry if the ground is breaking open underfoot. 

All there is to do is breathe deep breaths and keep perspective and admire beauty and create something timeless, say things that have meaning and refrain from speaking nonsense, love without expectation, give everything you've got before you've got nothing left to give, and make a friend while standing in line at the DMV. 

All I can do is play it cool and hope for the best.   

...ramble on...

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