Funny moments are even funnier when it's awkward.

A father and son were walking down the sidewalk in old Auburn this afternoon. The kid was wearing an old WWII-era Army helmet as his dad shouted to his friends up ahead about what a great deal the kid got on the military lid. The kid kept his head down as he walked; lost in another world. Maybe he was fighting Nazis, or diving into trenches to escape grenade blasts. One thing he wasn't doing was watching where he was walking because right as he came to pass me on the sidewalk he beamed his protected skull directly into a metal parking sign. The ding noise caught the attention of all pedestrians in the area. The kid looked embarrassed, and the father looked at me like 'hey that was funny, but don't laugh at my kid.' But I couldn't help it. I laughed at his kid. I laughed really loud and then briskly walked away. 

...ramble on...

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