Using music to end human-trafficking

Most of you know this already, but if you're unaware of my being in a band with my sister, consider this next sentence as your being informed of this fact.

I am in a band with my sister. Her name is Aimee. She sings really well.

With that said, it may also be worth stating that we're recording a full-length album this month titled "Wolves Without Teeth."

I'm telling you all this because we're doing something a little different with this album. We're giving away all of its sales to a non-profit called Courage to Be You. C2BU works to end sex-trafficking in Northern California and around the world. They build "Courage Homes"--a place where girls rescued from sex-trafficking can receive counseling, rehabilitation, and a home environment. My band The Music Room has partnered with them for a couple of years to help support them in their efforts to raise funds to fight human-trafficking and bring justice to children who are robbed of it by pimps and johns.

In order to give away this album we're needing to raise funds to record it. Please check out the video we made below which explains more about this process and how you can help.

You can also go to our indiegogo profile: http://www.indiegogo.com/themusicroom/

Please join our fight to end human-trafficking as we partner with Courage to Be You.

...ramble on...


  1. This cause and song make me want to sing and make music with you guys. Keep up this great work, God will breakthrough to many hearts if this continues to be your focus. Let me know how I can support....


  2. Love this! You guys rock! Thank you for fighting this battle for these girls through your time, talent and treasure. We love you guys!