A Chat with the Almighty: Initiating Contact

I want to start talking with God more. "With," as in conversing back and forth; give and take, reciprocate. I'm pretty good when it comes to talking at God, but I'm terrible at waiting for His response. You might relate.

I have selfish reasons for initiating this conversation. Most everything I do has some sort of self-preserving motive behind it. I brush my teeth so they won't fall out. I could care less if my breath stinks to you. I'm selfish. My selfish reason for contacting God is that--since I believe He exists and is the Master of the Universe--I really don't want to waste my life trying to figure out things that He could easily tell me if I were to humbly ask. I don't want to waste my time. There, you see? This conversation is really about me me me. I don't want life to make a fool out of me. You might relate.

This ongoing conversation with the LORD will be posted publicly because I have a feeling that it's going to be a good one. Unless of course, He chooses to teach me about the benefits of silence and listening for His still, small voice, which He probably will do now because I've sarcastically antagonized Him. If that's the case there may be a lot of questions posted followed by blank space. If that's the case, God will teach you patience, or maybe you'll simply stop visiting my site.

Disclaimer: I'm just a man interpreting the things that I think God is saying to me. I'm not going to talk about you and your life, or the future, or the end of the world, or anything like that. When I hear God in my head He usually sings a beautiful song and then when I relay that song to people I know--vibrating vocal chords and noise out of my mouth--it usually sounds different than the original version. However, I'll be as descriptive and informative as possible in relaying my internally perceived/received replies from God. 

Disclaimer #2: God did not give me permission to quote Him. All responses from Him are mere speculation on my part, informed, hopefully, by the Holy Spirit. 

Part One: Initiating Contact

Me: Are you offended by the fact that I usually only want to talk with you when I'm hurting and desperate, or exhilarated and jubilant?

God: I have been receiving this kind of treatment since I created man and so I think it's obvious to say that I am quite used to it. Do I think it's disrespectful? Sure. Do I think it's your loss? Yes. Am I mad at you for being like that? No. I wish you would realize that I've got a lot more to offer than consolation. Sure, I'm great at that, but I'm also great in general. Wouldn't you want to see me be great in your life in tons of other ways?

Me: Yes. Please and thank you.

God: And when it comes to you only talking with me or praising me when you're feeling good, well, that again is your loss. Your feelings fluctuate. They always have and always will. You don't know the state of anything. You see the world from the limitations of your puny perspective and influenced by the pressures of your daily existence. Try having eternal perspective guide your life. I guarantee that an eternal perspective would give you so much more reason to praise me because everything that happens in and around your life would have heightened meaning and lasting consequences either for good or bad, depending on your chosen attitude. You would see everything as being interconnected and one and beautiful and subservient to my master plan to dominate the world! Just kidding. I don't want to dominate the world per se, but I do want all of creation to be redeemed and full of life that reflects my glory. Amen.

Me: Is it weird saying "amen" to your own rant?

God: No. Amen simply means "let it be so." I want lots of things to be so, but humans are the feet of my will.

Me: We are also the fat asses that don't get off the couch until the game's over.

God: Don't I know it. Again, it's your loss.

Me: I know you exist even when I'm not feeling your presence in my life just like I know the sun exists even on cold days, but you understand that's it tough being full of joy when it seems cold for long stretches of time. I start to forget the sun exists until I get burned. Dang, that's a lot like you and I. I milked that analogy something fierce. Any thoughts?

God: I didn't create you to live and function in a constant state of mindless bliss, but to live as a warrior that fights no matter what the weather is doing. You'll find joy in me, but that doesn't mean you won't also experience intense pain and suffering in your pursuit after me. Your body, and the beating it takes while living on this earth, will involve struggle, but you have to remain mindful and aware that there is beauty in the struggle and there's peace within you that comes from beyond these darker times.

Me: You're right. You're always right. I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed now. Feel free to give me dreams and visions tonight while I sleep.

God: I just may blow your mind.

...ramble on...

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