Peace out Ojai.

My month at Forest Home Christian Camp in Ojai, CA comes to an end tonight. Grayson and I play one final worship set for the campers and then I head out immediately after to visit a friend in Santa Monica. I am sad that these three weeks have come and gone so quickly. Life has been so adventure-packed lately that I'm somewhat dreading the seeming predictability of the days to come.

(My rustic cabin/tent at camp. It housed myself and a small family of mice.)

I'll be heading back to my home region in Northern California to work on music, refuel my funds and regroup with my family. I miss my little brother/nephew. He and I need to go on a man date soon. I am grateful for all of things that I have to go home to. I am blessed to return to the churches I work with and the people who are a part of my life. I am grateful for these things.

At the same time, I could get so used to living out of my suitcase and playing music everywhere I go...God interrupted that last sentence through Grayson relaying to me the price of plane tickets he's looking to book for us for an early fall tour to the midwest. I love when life does stuff like that. Book that ish. Oh, and thanks God.

God's been giving me lots of songs these last few months and I want to honor Him by developing them well and put them on wax. I really have high hopes that we'll (The Music Room) have a new record to release sometime before Christmas. In the meantime, I'm going to breathe deep the salty ocean air, drive on the 1 and keep an eye out for really amazing coffee shops.


...ramble on...

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