I thought about going into a long, educational description on the history of Lent, informing you of its origin, its transformation over the years, its rejection by some denominations and its being revered by others. I thought about being very disciplined during this time of Lent and providing you with this information, but Lent has got the best of me.

You see, I gave up drinking coffee for Lent and so since Ash Wednesday haven't had the same zeal for life, love and godliness that I had with the caffeine in my veins, and well well well, isn't that telling of the state of my weary soul...have mercy Lord.

However, after having mustered up enough strength through a super spiritual power nap I'd like like to share something short, simple and sweet I learned recently about this season of self denial and God-focusedness.

I heard a priest recently say that Lent isn't only a time for "turning away from sin, but turning towards hope."

I like how this encouragement turns what could be a potentially negative season of self-centered hand-slapping and other pious flagellations, into a time of running towards the real remedy for our weakness, which is Lord Jesus.

My morning cup of coffee offers me no lasting hope, it gives me nothing beyond the caffeine rush and momentary flavor of sweet goodness, which is great, but temporary and fleeting. No earthly comfort, whether it be a substance, a human relationship, an addiction, a coping mechanism, a dream, or commitment has any eternal value if it is not the comfort that comes from God. His comfort is everlasting, unconditional, and has beat out our depravity once and for all.

If you're refraining from something during this Lenten season, be encouraged to replace your earthly comforts with eternal hope. Doesn't that just sound like the best and most obviously good thing to do anyway? Sometimes the obvious is the most difficult to accomplish, but with Christ anything is possible, or so I've heard:)

...ramble on...

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