Lay Low

Some things don't feel right, but I sit tight and ask for strength to endure. I stand firm and I persevere. I fight urges, whose consequences stay far out of sight in the heat of a passionate moment. I make myself low and maintain a healthy fear of what results would come from forgetting God's love and goodness. Perspective changes everything, it must stay fixed on God's mercy so that selfish self-destruction doesn't pollute a heart being sanctified. I remind myself of times when my pride was destroyed, and humility, making me desperately hungry for God's love, dominated all my thoughts. Pride and spiritual amnesia creep in quietly and set up camp quickly, dashing hopes of being free from lies and self-deception. Self-inflicted slavery begins subtly, with compromises that eventually trap us under the weight of our own sin. But the poor in spirit, he who stays low, won't be burdened by the weight of sin. His humble posture sustains his freedom. Stay low so that you can be lifted up. Stay humble so that your pride won't disrupt the work of God in your soul. Lay low. Don't ever underestimate your wandering soul's ability to self-destruct.

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  1. Lay low - just like an under-rower. (I'd rather be an over-thinker than an under-thinker).