2010 Reflection: Part Deux

My first impression of Adam Cappa was made by way of a youtube video of him doing some promotional blog video for his home church high school group back in Indiana. You should have a look at it below:

After watching the video, i thought Adam was a real cheese ball and I began to get nervous about traveling 18,000 miles across the United States with him.

Turns out that he's an absolute gem of a man. My perception of his level of cheesiness was actually quite accurate, but he is also very hilarious. He's the kind of guy who can make everyone laugh even when they don't want to, which makes you feel kind of mad that he has that power. Kind of like the old "don't smile" trick. Adam will just make you smile.

And during the "Sounds and Lights Tour" we needed a good smile every now and then.

So The Music Room, which at this point was made up of Aimee, Nick, our friend Laurieann and I returned to Cincinatti, Ohio because we were given the responsibility of taking the RV back to its home in a little mountain town called Ouray, which is in Colorado and is considered the "Switzerland of America." We decided that instead of grabbing the RV and driving straight back west, we'd go park it in Indiana for a week or so, then jump in Adam's touring van for a little East Coast excursion.

Originally, the first tour would have played shows in New York, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, and some other places, and I was really excited to go and visit come of these locations, so you can understand my disappointment when tour #1 failed to reach those destinations. Tour #2, aka "The Pounds and Sights Tour," would not fail!

We called it the "Pounds and Sights Tour" because our main objectives were to eat good food, thus gaining weight, and to see cool stuff. Basically, we became tourists.

We did play two shows in upstate New York, one near Albany and one near Syracuse, but the rest of the trip was booked up with seeing New York City, Washington DC, Annapolis, Pittsburgh (just long enough to try a Primanti Bros. Sandwich) and some Amish stores in the midwest (for cheese, of course!).

It felt great to be on the road in a smaller vehicle that could maneuver through cities and didn't smell like a stew of 9 1/2 people's excrement.

...ramble on...

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