Beauty that remains.

I want to see beauty that remains beautiful. Not some imitated beautiful thing that fades into distorted illusion or passing glory. I want to behold something that lasts, and not only makes me appreciate it, but something that completely overtakes me. I want to be absorbed by the beauty I see and have it change everything about me. I want beauty to change my eyes in the way they see, and change the way my heart beats. I want to breathe lasting beauty into my lungs, and have it strengthen the blood that gives me life. Maybe then I too will be a beautiful thing. No longer an imitation of faded glory, but a conduit of glory itself. True beauty on display will change the standard, destroy the standard and make the standard look cheap. True beauty will transcend explanation. It will cause me to rise above feeble attempts at possessing it because we all know that dirty hands can’t keep a beautiful thing clean. And we can all become beautiful when we go much further beyond ourselves. I see beautiful things everyday but they make me sad. They remind me of my loneliness, my depravity, and my distance from glory. I want to be made beautiful. Not to be possessed or admired, but so that I myself can look in the mirror and see something that lasts, something that perseveres, something that remains.

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