No More Ruts

What do you absolutely love about life? What makes you want to live? What are some of the things that you would fight with all of your strength to keep?

I know that I'm limited in my knowledge of all the good things that happen around the world. I understand that my scope of vision is small, and an inaccurate portrayal of the world's attitude in general, so let me speak about what I perceive based on what I've seen in my own life's vecinity.

I see many people lacking passion for life. I see many people confused or unsure about where to place there energy, time and love. I see many floundering souls. There seems to be a plague over us that has been keeping us from truly living. The rut has been paved, and it's smooth now, so people are more inclined to keep in it. But there are also those people out there who we admire. These are people that in many cases we long to be. We'd like to possess an ounce of their drive, a frame of their vision, and feel the restless urge that pushes them towards profound accomplishments.

This doesn't mean making loads of money, or becoming successful in a specific career. This drive can apply to a number of things. I am talking about a deep hunger that some people possess and others seem to have no understanding of. Why do some have the hunger when others are content to live in the rut?

There's a song that says "freedom looks like too many choices". Many of us are very free to chase dreams, and pursue our passions. Some of us are not. But I'm often overwhelmed by all that there is out there to chase after. That's why I asked the questions in the beginning. What are you passionate for? What do you absolutely love about life? I really want to know. If you know I'd like to hear from you because I want to hear testimonies of hope from those who are living passionately. I want to glean some wisdom from your life.

I respect so many of my friends who are boldly embracing the passions that God has placed in their hearts and minds. I too want to embrace the life God has for me. No more ruts, and no more compromise.

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