Poor Poor Filter

My friend Jim and I were talking the other day about a young, mentally handicapped boy who attends a school that his sister teaches at. The classroom is full of children with different disabilities that leave them disadvantaged to integrate normally into our society. This particular young boy was born with the “filtering” portion of his brain left undeveloped. Consequently, the absence of this filter makes his life catastrophically difficult.

Just imagine having no control over suppressing or disregarding inappropriate thoughts. What thoughts am I talking about? I’m talking about any and every thought that pours from the “id” in all of us. These thoughts may be carnal, lustful, aggressive, careless, irresponsible, reckless, and impulsive. If it comes to mind then it’s as good as done. That’s what this young boy has to deal with. So one day a thought comes to his mind about what it might be like to shove a pen into his eyeball. The absence of this filter caused him no hesitation in satisfying this curiosity. One committed thrust later he’d made his face into a penholder.

I have a select group of friends that consider themselves to be loud, outspoken, and almost always the life of any party. Their outgoing nature often gets them into trouble when things they say offends those around them. “I’m sorry!” they say “I just don’t have a filter sometimes!” They turn the offense into a personal struggle for which many show sympathy and quick pardon. I propose a different approach. We shall call it a “Filter Test”. Next time they blame their vulgarity, insincerity, negativity, or lack of self-control on a “poor filter” I want you to hand them a pen, and tell them the story of a certain handicapped boy.

...ramble on...

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  1. dane this story is very interesting. I could I too know some people who would blame their actions on a "poor filter." This idea of the "filter" being associated with the left side of the brain leads me to wonder what might the underdeveloped right side of the brain might be associated with. Possibly one would have less sympathy, creativity, desire to explore and dream? As much as I appreciate the left side of the brain, with its keeping me organinzed, focused, "sane"... I would also like to allow the right side to explore and lead me with curiosity to discover more about myself and the unknowns in the this life.
    I see many cases where people are "delusional" and/or "hallucinating," and ultimately they are. possibly, without that "filter" or their "id" guiding them. But must express that they sometimes appear to be enjoying life alot more than I do. I have many stories to tell. Lets save it for a conversation, say, over a glass of water.
    Chris Shawl