It’s late and I want to go to sleep, but I am compelled to share something with you. Aimee and I just returned home from Brentwood, CA from a benefit concert for a non-profit called “Courage to Be You”. Our band has been able to contribute one of our songs to a compilation album that they sell at these concerts for the purpose of raising money to build a rehab home/safe house for girls rescued out of sex-trafficking. It was kind of an intense way to spend a Friday night right?

We’ve been able to play at these concerts over the last six months at different churches that want to endorse the organization.
It had been awhile since I’d played one of these shows and I found myself being really impressed by the high quality musicians involved. There’s a Kenyan rapper named SAMU (ZAIDI YA MZIKI), a band called THE REEL, two female singers named CHAYA and CHRISTINE SMIT, who give me the “wow” chills when the melodies start coming out of their mouths, and oh yeah THE MUSIC ROOM’s there too. While I was in the audience shuffling my feet from side to side in my best attempt at dancing I realized that what I was witnessing was a really legit concert. Everybody in the crowd gets thoroughly rocked and still somehow the night is able to segue into a presentation that exposes the ugly reality of sex-trafficking in Northern California.

I’ve volunteered at a few of these concerts before, so I knew what would be shared tonight. However, even after hearing the same content for a fourth, fifth or however many times it has been I still was shaken up by what I heard and saw. And I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing because it means that I actually have a pulse, a heart, and some understanding of justice ingrained in me. So I’m telling you guys about this non-profit and tonight’s event because I’m compelled to do so. I don’t know what you’ll do with the information I’m providing you right now, but I just really needed to provide it before going to sleep and not doing anything about it. The Courage To Be You website is linked below. Go check out their mission, their vision, and see if maybe you want to get involved somehow. I've been stirred up to stir you up.

Courage to Be You Website

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