We are already a masterpiece

Observing the transfixed beauty of a life already lived is easy to do. It’s like looking at a completed work of art instead of a messy work in progress. 

Appreciating the raw narrative of a life being written in the midst of its struggle takes a discerning eye.

It takes one who has understood heartache, yet still loves. This person says, "restoration is possible."

It takes one who has known despair, yet still hopes. This person says, "transformation is possible." 

Often, we revere lives that have already played out before us, like distant and fictional movie scripts, and overlook the epic dramas that are our very own lives.  

We peg ourselves as not daring enough to endure the same crucibles that shaped these characters into the inspiring people we admire from a distance.  

Blinded by the flickering flames that refine us, we lack vision to see our role within a much grander plot.

We fail to realize that our lives are already a masterpiece in a messy state of becoming. 

We could all live a great story someday, but let's face it, we’re living ours out today

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