Boneshaker at Redmoon: a photo blog

My roommate Joe has been raving about the beautiful madness of his apprenticeship at Redmoon for the last month and a half. Redmoon is a theatrical events production company here in Chicago that seeks to "disrupt everyday life" through visual arts, performance, and "mind-blowing shadow puppets." (Joe exerted special efforts to cast those mesmerizing shadows.) Last night was their Halloween event called Boneshaker.
Marching band complete with rowdy pep squad invaded the crowd.
Some skeletons served popcorn off of other skeleton's heads. 
Because a marshmallow roasted by a sexy skeleton woman just tastes better. 
Marie Antoinette would've been proud of the multi-functionality of this dress table. 
Note the skeleton trio carrying popcorn, and the skeleton cyclist serving drinks. 
Joe and his boss. 
Want a drink? 
Skeleton takes a break in the roller skating rink. 
April asked for a tattoo of a hamster, but got a hipster instead. It was loud in there. 
A pyro's paradise lit up the night outside. 
Frank Maugeri, Redmoon's artistic director.

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