Disruptive idealism

Some days, I pace endlessly.

I get distracted by everything and can't seem to finish any one thought through to a sensible conclusion.

On these days, a fanciful mind takes over–it's an idealistic mind–one that dreams and pushes me to be creative; to listen for truth and breathe in beauty. It's a mind that challenges the reality of my present existence, which causes quite a mental ruckus.

This disruptive idealism reminds me of the brevity of life, the importance of love, the fleeting nature of youth, energy, and pride. These disturbances shock my eyes open and, through tears, purify my vision.

These mental skirmishes kill productivity, but they remind me to be. Simply be.

Time and again, this struggle visits me. And I long for it like love.

It stirs up hopes that require a response.

...ramble on...

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