Critical Mass Chicago: a photo blog

Critical Mass is a monthly gathering of cyclists from all over the city that "mass up" to take over the city streets by bike. Whereas last month's ride saw many participants riding through the balmy weather in their underwear, October's chill brought out a more insulated bunch of people, with many dressed for Halloween. I spotted the Wicked Witch, werewolves, skeletons, hockey players, Albert Einstein, and hipsters a plenty. Some riders even had their children and pets towed behind them in small trailers.    
Leaving Wicker Park behind, I headed down to the Loop to see what all the ruckus was about. 
We "massed up" at Daley Plaza, where the fountain had been dyed a festive orange.
Joe wasn't really feeling this guy's protest.
We waited to reach critical mass. 
Some people had rigged up speakers to the back of their bikes, so we had some sweet jams most of the ride. 
Most commuters were pretty irritated at first, but the vibe of the group was so positive that drivers eventually started smiling, snapping pics of us on their phones, and giving us high-fives as we rode by. 
We crossed bridges and yelled "HAPPY FRIDAY!" as we went. 
Some people wore Halloween costumes.
Other people always look like they're wearing Halloween costumes. 
The cops wanted in on the fun. They helped to "cork" the intersections so that we could ride without getting hit.
This guy in front of Joe rode a good three feet above the rest of us. 
It was kind of like a rave on wheels.

...bike on...

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  1. What a great experience! Nice photo journalism!