"Fear is the best compass"

I read that quote last night in a book called The Leap Year Project. As the title implies, it is more than a book, yes, it is also a project, a movement, a challenge, and a documentation of a community of people (leapers) who dared to be bold, and generous, with their lives in the year 2012.

Light reading that inspires heavy lifting. 
When asked, "what would you do if you could take a risk to change your life, your community, or your world for the better?" People from all over the world began to dream, strategize, stutter step and then, eventually, leap into action.

The book is filled with short story blurbs of what people did, ranging from mentoring kids, giving away shoes, partnering with non-profits, providing meals for the homeless, starting a secret meeting in old wine cellars, and on and on the list goes, that improved the quality of life for those around them and/or challenged them to deliberately plan a course of action to accomplish a goal they've personally had.

Leapers woud recognize a need, or pinpointed a dream of theirs, and then began to explore practical ways to make it happen.

It's as if the book gave people permission to do what they've always been capable of doing, but supportively nudged their dreaming into real-life motion.

As one of the leapers said, "fear is the best compass." The presence of fear can act as an indication that we're on the right track, that breakthrough is right around the corner, if only we stay the course and don't turn back.

When you read about the risks that other people have taken, and hear about the growth and knowledge that came from their being bold and courageous, it awakens hope. It makes me think about what is possible, and call back into question that which I've called impossible.

All this to say, I recommend you go pick up a copy of the book, and please let me know what it has stirred up in you.

Dreamers need understanding company.

...ramble on...

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