Buzz Kill 2013

As if there were no time to waste, I'm writing this post. Life is short, after all. And though the new year has begun with resolute hopefulness brimming in most, please keep in mind that all the same opportunities for compromise and complacency exist on these first days of 2013 just as true as they were on the last days of 2012.

I am here to kill your buzz.

We are guaranteed nothing in this life. It's all a gift. And, even though many of you reading this are Americans, keep in mind that you are entitled to nothing. An entitled mentality is destroying our entire nation. You don't deserve anything. Nobody owes you anything. And to those of you who work hard and earn a good living, that's not because of you. Who gives you the air to breathe and the health with which to function? The very basic needs for survival are completely out of your control.

Believe everything to be a gift.

Another year in which to make new plans is a gift in and of itself.

Time is a gift. Live well today. Live well any day you've got. Make plans to lose weight so that you can live a longer and healthier life, but keep in mind that, even if you shed twenty pounds, you may die in some other unexpected way.

I am here to kill your buzz.

Make big plans this year. Make plans that soberly consider the brevity of life and the importance of love. Think bigger than saving money and juicing a meal a day. Do those things, but do bigger things too.

Be grateful for 2013. We did survive a potential apocalypse, after all.

Realize that life is short, so don't waste time living a life that compromises your passions in exchange for something more comfortable or easy.

Love. It's the most important thing to do. Your resolutions should be prioritized beneath its banner.

Now, go and live while you've still got time!

...ramble on...

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