Parade your worries

Maybe all the pain we endure is going to amount to something remarkably admirable someday. Beautiful even.
Perhaps it'll take shape as a piece of art, or a song, or a written piece of work. 
All these troubled thoughts we think, and these sleepless nights--filled with tossing and turning and staring out black, cold windows--are going to make way for something worth sharing. 
Something worth proclaiming. 
Something worth holding high over our heads on display for the world to see. 
Though they probably won't see.
All this energy expended on anxiety and depression will have to find its form in something worth showing the world someday. 
I hope. 
And hope's a powerful thing. 
Worry and anxiety and sadness need to be mocked and run through the streets on parade to be made seen as foolish in front of distracted pedestrians poking at their smart phones. 
No one really notices. 
We need to be able to look at the ridiculousness of our concerns, and have perspective enough to laugh at them. 
Critique the petty coat of deceit and lies they wear around themselves to appear bigger. 
There's no substance within the fluff. 
They aren't worth our time when we've all been set free. 
We've all been set free. 
Throw your worries to the curb because we've all been set free.

...ramble on...

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