To those who pray.

I'll make this quick and productive because I don't have much time to spend typing on a laptop as New Zealand waits for me to come play outside.

I need to ask a favor of you all: please pray for some things on our behalf.

First, I purchased a lovely Subaru when we arrived, named her Shannon,  and drove her, literally, all the way up and down both coasts of both islands. She has been a champ and I am grateful for her. However, it's time for her to belong to someone else. I need her to be sold before November 5th so that I have some money to survive off of while volunteering in Indonesia. Please pray that Shannon is purchased by a loving new owner that's willing to pay a fair price for her. Amen.

Secondly, my friend Shelby has had her laptop and fancy camera stolen by some thieving mongrels. The police here are investigating the crime and continuing their search for stolen items taken from other cars that were parked by ours as well. Pray that, miraculously, Shelby's stuff is found and returned to her. Amen.

Third, before heading over to Indonesia for 10 months I'll be in Australia for about one month and, while there, will be searching for some odd jobs to earn a little cash. Pray that I can find a job that can either allow me to work for accommodations, or, even better, some cash money.

These are my prayer requests.

God has been good to us during this trip. We are safe, warm, healthy, well-fed, and have experienced some of the most beautiful places that this world's got to offer.
Something neat (mountains near Lake Hawea)

Thanks for your help!

Peace and love,

PS: What's a blog post from New Zealand without a picture of something neat? Here ya go!

...ramble on...


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    1. Thank you so much! "according to the riches of His glory..." Amen.