Dunedin and my 27th year

(written on 10/08/12 in Dunedin, New Zealand)

Fighting evil with all my heart and strength.
The town of Dunedin, which feels like a miniaturized version of Edinburgh, Scotland, boasts some pretty remarkable sights. For one, they are the home base for Cadbury Chocolate production and distribution in New Zealand. It was essential that a tour of the factory be taken for quality assurance purposes. A rigorous tasting survey was undertaken, by yours truly, with exhausting fervor. If eating chocolate for an hour and fifteen minutes wasn't enough to wow the senses, then watching a literal ton of liquid chocolate being dropped in a cascading waterfall of cocoa wonder was a nice way to continue blowing the old mind. It was just like Wonka's place, minus the oompa loompas. 

On Baldwin Street; steepest in the world. 
For two, Dunedin is home to the world's steepest street. It's called Baldwin Street, and we raced a herd of Asian tourists to the top of the hill for prime photographic vantage points. But those tenacious Asians always win in documenting a place, what with the manpower, the technology, and overall determination not one leaf  or blade of grass goes un-photographed in this country. 

For three, Dunedin has the only castle in New Zealand. It's called Larnach Castle, and the pictures look beautiful, but we've yet to see it. I don't mind paying to seeing a thing or two, but if they aren't offering free chocolate then it's hard to justify. 

Not only have I become re-addicted to coffee, but I'm also newly addicted to falafel kebabs at the numerous Turkish restaurants that these islands are blessed to possess. All this great Turkish food has got me thinking that a trip to Istanbul may be in order. Any takers? 
What's a birthday without heaps of chocolate? 

And finally, it's my birthday today, which means that I'm going to make a list of things that I'd like to accomplish in this upcoming year of life. I need to make some goals, and I've got quite a few in mind. How about learning another language? Yes please. 

And, most finally, because God has let me live another year, I'd like to reflect on what's happened over this last year:

1. I got to play lots of music with my sister, with my friend Grayson, with Damian Horne and various other worship people. 
2. I was blessed to have an awesome job with Placer County that has allowed for much of this traveling to take place, as well as helped to fund the volunteering time ahead of me in Indonesia. 
3. Aimee and I were able to record an EP as The Music Room. 
4. My nephew Simeon was born and I got to see him on his first day of life!
5. My nephew Ezekiel started school and is becoming a young boy.
6. I was able to tour through much of the US playing on my cajon.
7. I have been able to run two marathons with my Dad, one with my brother, and another with my friend Shelby. 
8. I was blessed to live and serve with Emmaus Church Community in Lincoln. CA.
9. I have felt the support of the people of Crossroads Church in Grass Valley, CA like nothing I ever thought was possible. 
10. I witnessed my baby sister get married! 
11. God keeps giving me new insight and revelation about how much He loves me and has a plan for my life. This is so good. 

...ramble on...

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  1. Wow, what a year you've had! Prayers for more blessings, especially more of #11, as you move forward in your adventures... :)