We're in hot water

Hahei, NZ (Hot Water Beach) 9/23/12

I'm writing this to you from a warm lounge area within a holiday park situated across the way from a hot water beach. The lounge is being warmed by a heater mounted on the wall because it is chilly outside and it has been raining most of the day. The hot water on the beach is being warmed by underground thermal reservoirs of piping hot water produced by volcanic activity and wonders of nature going on deep underground (for a more scientific explanation, consult your nearest geologist). 

Once low tide arrives, or, rather, once high tide leaves, there is opportunity to dig out little pools in the sand that will bubble up with hot water, which I'm told is very enjoyable to sit in even on dreary rainy days like today. 

We made some new friends and shared a pool. 

When I was a child, my idea of fun at the beach inevitably involved digging a hole on the shoreline, constructing some kind of dam to make for myself a miniaturized version of whatever body of water came washing up before me. Now to think that all these years later I'll still be digging holes in the sand for the sole purpose of amusement and pleasure. How refreshing. 

...ramble on...

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