Caves sans Gollum

(written on 9/15/12)

The highlight of the day was most definitely the Waipu Caves. We again took our car off onto a dirt road for about 10 plus kilometers before pulling off and parking inside a cattle grazing area. We followed a few signs to the cave's entrance. A narrow creek wound its way through a dense forest with ferns and green grass all around it before disappearing into the black hole that acted as the main entrance to the stalactite-filled caverns.

Entrance to Waipu Caves.
Since it was a rainy day there were no other tourists at the cave. The fact that we had it to ourselves was awesome, but also a little creepy. We were surrounded by darkness and could only see just where our headlamps were pointing. Both of us were hesitant at first to venture too far into the caves. There was a small, ankle-deep stream that ran through the cave that would've prevent us from seeing more into the depths of the cave, but we decided to take off our shoes and wade into the water. It was so worth venturing into the darkness and getting our feet wet because once we got a few hundred meters into the cave we were able to turn off our lights and look up at the cave's ceiling, which was sparkling all over with glowing worms that bunker into the holes and cracks between the stalactites. It was like looking at a night sky, but with the worm's glow a slight shade of green. It truly was a magical experience. And I do not use that word lightly, or often. It was magic.

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