Purchase one-way ticket: CHECK

I have fulfilled a life-long dream of purchasing a one-way ticket out of the country. In preparation for my departure I've had to take a good, hard look at all of the things that I own, or have inadvertently accumulated and absorbed over my lifetime, and determine their worth in relation to me and the upcoming trip.

Some of my things have a set market price, which makes it easier to post on eBay. Other things have a combination of sentimental value and measurable monetary worth, like the silver dollar collection that my Grandpa left me. Sure they're all worth at least a dollar apiece, but in another sense they're priceless because of who gave them to me, you know? It's difficult to know what to do with these sentimental things.

Before leaving, I've set a goal for myself to get rid of everything I own except that which I'll need to take with me on my journey. I'm trying my very best to not leave any of my junk behind for anybody else to deal with. However, I'm giving lots of stuff away to those whom might appreciate it (single bed, work desk, and men's clothing still available).

I'm exchanging the burden of scattered non-essentials for one of necessity in its rawest form; a backpack--with only the things I absolutely need to keep me rambling around the world.

I'm not protesting owning stuff, or boycotting rooted-living. I'm just curious about this great big world we live in and so I'm going to have a look.

Updates will inevitably be posted to this very blog site so stay tuned.

...ramble on...


  1. Wonderful...and any words more expressive than it.

  2. You do have a way with words mr. Rambler...

  3. Fantastic! I'm so excited for you.