Carpe Delay

Delay gratification. 
Postpone the reward until a later date. 
Just wait. 
Gratification will be waiting with the good side of your nature. 
Haste makes waste.
It's not going to gratify. 
It will rush to your brain and then leave you with a headache soon thereafter. 
Delay a little longer and you'll soon be watching it spoil. 
The good stuff is worth waiting for, and that is why we delay. 
So, I delay. 
I wait. 
And then waiting becomes hesitating, and hesitation turns to questioning, and questioning leads to analytical examination of the value in doing, or not doing, something. 
These are the developments behind my delay. 
I become developmentally delayed. 
Something in me said "seize it now!" and something else in me said "patience is a virtue." 
So, I'm waiting for the reward for my patience, so that I can seize it when it's mine.
In the meantime, I'm dull.. 
Un-seize the day.
Carpe delay.  
I do this because it's good for me. 
I do this because it's what's I've heard.
I don't know if it leads to abundant life.
It's just what I've been told. 

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