Marriage and stuff

Well hot dang there's been a lot of stuff going on lately. My kid sister just married a man with the last name "Love." No joke. She's now Mrs. Love. How unfair is that to the rest of the female gender?
We are all stoked for her, not just because her last name is now Love, but because it just so happens that she's a real winner to have married like she did.

In a toast/speech to the them, my other sister said that it was cool to see that they found one another because they are both "special," saying how rare it is these days to find two "special" people find one another and end up together.

How many equally "special" people do you know who've married?

What I mean is that it's very common for some kind of freeloader to leach him/herself onto someone who is very driven, determined and able. The determined one feels needed by the freeloader and the freeloader feels loved and cared for, neither are very happy and so the web is woven...unhappiness soon follows.

But, in this situation with my sister and her husband, there are these two strong people, equally determined in their own unique ways, pumped about grabbing life by the horns and blazing trails through the wilderness joining their forces together to suck the marrow out of life. Can I get a carpe diem?

What's beautiful about this marriage is that there is now power in their being joined together. There's not a woman begging for the man to be something he's not born to be, and there's not a man asking the woman to forfeit her dreams for the sake of his. There's just love and passion for life.

I know that it's all very new for them, as it is for the rest of our family, but it was inspiring to see these two youngsters partner up under the banner of love and commitment in order to embark on life's journey together.

Raise your glass to the my little sister and her Mr. Love!

...ramble on...

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  1. With misty eyes and a touched hear i raise my coffee mug and say Cheers to that.

    Thanks Danger,

    Love you!