Working Art

Work has come in many different forms as of late. I've brought most of it on myself, though some has come without any coaxing of my own, all of it I am grateful for, and all of it I'm excited about.

Where to begin!

I just returned from Lake Tahoe where, in two weeks time, my brother-in-law, Dad, and I completely renovated a small cabin near Carnelian Bay. Being able to turn a junky old house into something brand new added to the beauty of working under pine trees with the blue lake in view.

Secondly, I've been, literally, running around like a madman. This is because I am training for my first marathon on Dec. 4. It's been on the bucket list for far too long and it's something that I've felt the need to man-up and get done already. Waiting to get older seems like a bad plan when it comes to doing strenuous and challenging things that require unnatural amounts of physical exertion. Don't tell my Dad that though because he's training for the marathon as well.

Finally, I've been writing, re-wording, and crafting songs for my band's upcoming full-length album titled "Wolves Without Teeth!" We're scheduled to start recording Dec. 1. We are excited about this one in particular because we're going to be donating all of its sales to a non-profit that works to rehabilitate girls rescued from sex-trafficking called Courage To Be You.

Please consider "liking" my band The Music Room on Facebook or following us on Twitter as I'll be reaching out much more through those platforms as we are recording, promoting, and donating this next album to a God-inspired caused.

Phew...all that said, I'm going to be leaving a week from today to join my good friend Grayson Kessenich on a ten-day music tour through Indiana and Ohio.

Life is so busy and sweet...

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