Rudy's BBQ, Austin, Texas

After an eight-hour drive from Tulsa, OK to Austin, TX, Grayson and I decided it would be wise to put our BBQ craving to rest. We were in a good part of the world to experience brisket and BBQ sauce and found ourselves dining at Rudy's just outside of Austin.

The store's set-up was unusual in that it had a hand-washing trough immediately visible upon entering the front door. The idea is that you'll want clean hands since a lot of finger-licking will inevitably occur, and you'll want to wash your hands before leaving so that your greasy paws don't slip off the wheel and cause a fender bender. 

It was a joy to eat something so simple and delicious. I mean just look at it:
Plain white bread, some really good BBQ sauce, and brisket cooked to perfection. I'm wondering why this type of restaurant hasn't taken off in California yet. Don't you like meat, California? Be more like Texas, California. Let's scrap income taxes, eat good BBQ and live happily ever after, cheering on the Mavericks to another NBA title all the while.   

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